To be regarded by men’s sheds in NSW as the premier source of advice for establishing new sheds and assisting sheds in best practice governance that encourage diverse operations that are inclusive of their communities. 



To provide service and support to sheds by mentoring and consulting on broad management issues. 


To ensure effective communication with and between sheds by utilising the website, newsletters, published guidelines, training manuals, and encouraging networking through sharing information by using all means of communication including social media. 


To provide introductory Workplace Health and Safety briefings and training to all operational sheds. 


To provide management capacity and capability development training.


To promote a healthy lifestyle for men.


To develop strategies, and piloted activities, for promoting social inclusion, and reducing the adverse impacts of the intergenerational gap.

Relationship with Government


To be acknowledged by government as the peak organisation with funding to support the state organisation. 


To be recognised by Government and other peak organisations as a credible provider of information and policy inputs regarding the ageing population and the benefits of men’s sheds in particular to the community.

Relationship with other Peak Organisations


To establish links with other peak organisations servicing the aged. 


To participate with other peak organisations in studies and research into issues of common interest.

This statement was updated in August 2015 on the basis of what it is envisaged the AMSA – NSW practices will be in three years time.

22 August 2015