Mudgee Men’s Shed reopening 26th November 2015

On Thursday 26th November 2015 I attended, with a very large group of visitors and shed members, the reopening of Mudgee Men’s Shed.  This was a great affair and I believe one year and two days since the fire which created a large amount of damage to the shed and much of the contents.

The Mudgee shed members have worked tirelessly since then on cleaning out much of the damage to the contents which included many tools and electrical equipment.  If you look hard at some of the photos below you still may see some blackened areas of the interior roof area but on the whole it looks great as they have been able to make some changes to the layout.  There is still some work to do but it is now a men’s shed again and the members are glad to be back and doing many jobs in the shed for themselves and the community.

Again Merv Hughes who opened the shed originally was back and did the job again.  He spoke passionately about men’s sheds and what good they are for men and the community it provides for them.  He created a lot of interest and many photos were taken of Merv and those attending.  I think the first day night test was a popular subject of conversation. 

The main point of this report is for all of you to see how a men’s shed can rise from the ashes with a lot of hard work and commitment by the members, the community around it and tradesmen willing to give their time.  But the other thing is that this Men’s Shed had AMSA insurance which provided the cover and replacement for the damage that occurred.  

Like all things it takes time with assessments and getting workmen in place but it did happen and because of this they now have their shed back and the members are doing what they love.

 For those of you who may or may not have AMSA insurance or may have insurance covered by some other means please, please make sure your cover does provide adequate protection for all that you have in your shed. If necessary check on this, ask the important questions if you are not sure.

Does my insurance policy cover the building and contents value.
Please check and make sure you understand you policy
What exactly am I insured for (amount cover)
Make sure your policy clearly states both building and contents value.

Because I am sure none of you would want this to happen to your men’s shed. 

Bill Clifford
President AMSA-NSW
Zone 2