January 2015 UPDATE


Last year it was reported that the Dubbo and Young sheds were collecting Computers and Sewing Machines to send them to needy people in the Philippines.  The good news is that the delivery of a number of Sewing Machines has been achieved. The men's efforts have been rewarded and some of those groups lucky enough to have received a machine have sent photos of them being used.  To have received these pictures must have made the shedders responsible for this kind outreach feel very proud of the difference they will be making in the lives of people so far away.

This initiative shows that Men's Sheds are not just about men getting together to make a bit of noise and dust in the workshops or to discuss their health. That in these two sheds they also consider others not as well off as they are and then do something about it shows the quality of the community spirit in they have and for this should feel very proud of their efforts.


December 2014 Original Story

They are gathering computers and sewing machines to send to the Philippines for charitable purposes.

Over 50% of the residents of the Philippines are living below the poverty line. Poverty is affecting Schools and high school and college students. Many  students cannot afford to go to the internet café to do research for their school assignments and homework. The Dubbo Community Men’s Shed Inc has been obtaining donations of good used computers and sending them to the Philippines for the use of schools and needy high school students.

A year ago the island of Leyte in the Philippines was devastated by typhoon Yolanda.  As a result of the typhoon many people in Leyte are still without a livelihood. This is particularly true of coconut growers, because all the coconuts were stripped off the trees.
An organization called Livelihood Integrated Support Organization , based in the city of Ormoc,  Philippines, is trying to get typhoon victims back on their feet and provide them with a livelihood.
Sewing machines would be of great value to this organization. Roberto Martinez, who heads  up the organization , would value as many sewing machines as they can get. As well as distributing sewing machines , Roberto is already holding classes to instruct people in the use of sewing machines. Recipients are already earnings income with machines that have been sent.
Both the Dubbo and Young Men's Sheds are inviting people to donate sewing machines and computers for both causes.

Donations can be dropped at the Young Men's Shed at 61 Boorowa St. Phone 6382 3294 or 6382 2927