How Can a Men’s Sheds Access Crown Land?

A number of sheds in NSW are operating on Crown Land and the question of “how can our shed find a piece of land on which we can build a shed or use an already existing building that’s on Crown Land?”

Recently members of the NSW Committee met with Liz McDonald from AMSA and members of the Management Committee from the Maitland Shed.  Maitland was chosen for the meeting as this shed is built on Crown Land and had the full support of the Maitland Council and the Department of Lands in gaining the approvals required.

The photo attached is of this August group in deep discussion!!

Liz McDonald has written a policy for NSW Sheds to follow when they seek to obtain an approval to make use of a piece of dirt on which to build a shed or the approval to use an already existing building that is occupying Crown Land.

The Policy,

Click here to download a copy of the Men's Sheds Using Crown Lands

Click here to download a copy of the NSW Men's Sheds, Crown Reserves and AMSA DPI MoU Mar 2016 

and are available by selecting Members Services - Documents from the NSW website

Thanks to Liz for her efforts in preparing this policy.