The Men’s Shed Poem


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We can insert photos from your own shed which will play on the DVD as the poem is played. ALL we require is about 30 photos of your selection which you would need to send us. There is a number of ways of doing this, from posting a CD to actually sending hard prints; keep in mind the best quality is from the original file.
Once you purchase a customised copy of the poem you are welcome to place it on your website and multiple DVD copies are available for your members to buy.

Each DVD is $10 plus $6 packaging and postage up to three copies.
Example - $16 for one, $26 for two and $36 for three.
Four to six copies is $4 packaging and postage.
Seven to nine copies is $2 packaging and postage.
Ten and above is free packaging and postage.

We are only distributing through the individual Men’s Sheds so we are able to keep the cost and handling time down. We are happy to make a token amount from the sales and see the poem distributed far and wide.


Our official email address for dealing with the poem is and it would be appreciated if all messages go to that email address as a number of our members can access it. Just in case one of us old farts snuffs it, my home number is 02 4991 4334. There is no answering service, so if you don’t get me first time, please try again later. My wife and I are here most evenings.

“Shed The Load”